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*1.5in Enamel Pin

*Soft Enamel

*Anodised/duochrome plating

 *Double pin posted

*Artist logo on reverse

COLOUR VARIATIONS - Anodised pins have a broad colour range which cannot be guaranteed. Image shows examples of the spectrum of colours that you could receive.

PLEASE NOTE - Duochrome plated pins do not have a polished surface as this would remove the plating. As such pins will always have a small degree of blemishes and/or imperfections to the anodisation, and light scratching to the surface (these are small imperfections and not to the extent of a B grade). Please look through all the images to see examples of colour variation and blemishes. Colours can vary and cannot be guaranteed to match the photos exactly. By placing an order for this pin you are agreeing that your pin may contain the issues noted.

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