My enamel pins are produced and finished by hand. Each design is bespoke and I only create our collections in small batches. Because of the nature of these items, I have a grading system to determine the overall appearance of the pin. Everyone’s benchmark on what qualifies a pin for each grade varies, but I've listed my criteria here as a guide. This can help you make an informed choice on the pin you will receive.

My pins are inspected in a natural well lit environment and are held for comparison at a distance of about 1/2 a metre. By purchasing an enamel pin from me you are agreeing to the possible defects listed below

**Unless variations are offered in the listing options, all pins are standard grade**

A GRADE (STANDARD) - These pins are my closest to ‘perfect’
Here are some minor faults that they may have, my measure is that these would not be noticeable at arms length (about 1/2 a metre).
- Tiny air bubbles
- Minor imperfections or scuffing on the metal plating or enamel
- Light / small nicks on the enamel or plating
- Small amount of misplaced glitter
- Small imperfections on the sides of the pin
- Slightly underfiled enamel
- Slightly offset screen printing
- Small amount colour shift on dyed metal
- Small particles trapped in soft enamel pins
- Encased posts with wiggle
- Plating imperfections on the back of the pin

B GRADE - These pins have more noticeable flaws than standard grade, but are great for everyday wear.
- Noticeable areas of underfilled / overfilled enamel at arms length
- Moderately scuffed enamel or metal
- Multiple points of plating imperfections.
- Multiple small bubble holes in the enamel
- Over buffed or missing metal lines
- Largely offset screen printing
- Encased posts with wiggle
- Plating imperfections on the back of the pin
- An area of unfilled enamel
- Visible areas of shifted colour on dyed metal
- Small amount of missing plating on duochrome plating
- Large areas of dust on soft enamel
- Small gouges or dents in the enamel
- Large rough areas / imperfections on the sides of the pin.

C GRADE / SECONDS - These are pins that I do not offer usually for general release. If I am having a sale event you may see these pins available at an awesome discount. 
- Large gouges and dents in the enamel
- Multiple areas of missing enamel
- Missing screen print
- Flaking plating
- Multiple missing metal lines
- Large / multiple bubbles or bubble holes in soft or hard enamel
- Large / multiple missing areas of plating on duochrome pins
- Significant underfill on multiple areas
- Heavy scratching on enamel